Thursday, October 7, 2010

a love list

i love the rain. it is such a beautiful thing.
i love a good thunder storm, even better an az thunder storm with warm rain and the smell of wet dirt.
i love a clean house with no dishes to do.
i love when the Y is lit up- it looks so spectacular.
i love seeing friends in the library, it lights up my day.
i love trees, shrubs, flowers, and planting beds.
i love when people i love update their blogs so i can keep up on them.
i love a good solid work out.
i love looking at amazing food blogs.
i love fall/autumn, pumpkins, colored leaves etc etc :)
i love when casey makes fun of me and/or acts like a 5 year old
i love that last night my nose got cold when i was walking outside. it's getting colder!
i love playing bingo while i work.
i love a lot of life right now


Blair said...

We had the craziest most awesome thunderstorm the other day! I wish you could have heard it. It even set off car alarms on my street. I love the rain too.

Cherri said...

Fresh wet dirt... my favorite. I will bet you i love list is only an hundreth part. :)