Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cinnamon rolls

i love the bread machine i stole from mi madre!
it rocks.
1st use from the Cutlers:
homemade cinnamon rolls :)
the machine made the dough, and i then handled it with love and care.

2nd-  a loaf of bread!
no, probably not Haws-status amazing, but still yummy

my next attempt will be sis brinton's orange rolls


Anonymous said...

ooo, they look like Shirleys rolls. yumm!!!

Janell Haws said...

haha this post made me smile! we need to have a bread/cinnamon roll party ASAP!!!!!

Cherri said...

I would like to order a doz. for breakfast.

Scottie and Megany said...

these were so delicious! i want more!!

Ty and Lex said...

Really? These look amazing!! You need to come finish the appointment :) I love having you come in! I'll call you soon and set it up!