Monday, October 11, 2010

a byu win!

cougars finally had a good game, and during homecoming weekend!
we were so happy they won and played well too!
casey's dad came with us as usual and we also finally had exceptional seats,
10th row in the random student section thank you very much
the weather was beautiful, thankfully
players also wore bright pink tape, socks, rags, chin straps, Y's, and other random things to support breast cancer awareness. it was so fun to see them all with it on!
if you blow up the 2nd pic and look close you can see some of the bright pink
and, before the game casey and his dad went out to get some lunch like always.
1st game was J-Dawgs
2nd game was Costa Vida
3rd game was simply Panda Express :)
oh the traditions

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