Friday, October 15, 2010


i love riding a bike to school.
it's the best thing ever.
my walk time is cut in half.
i feel healthier.
the wind blows in my hair.
it just feels better!

i have to pump up the bike tire every time i ride it.
i'm continually scared that a car will hit me.
i do not like riding up hill- death.
finding a spot to lock up my bike is sometimes hard!

it's not some incredibly cute/new/vintage bike,
it's a plain ol' red and black mountain bike with a seat that has a rip in it.
but i still like it.
all in all, i'd rather ride my bike to school than get a ride or walk.
that may change when it starts snowing :)


Cherri said...


Katie said...

Blake is my cousin :-)

and I love that you have a bike! I've always wanted one up here in Provo...