Monday, May 24, 2010

what we did this weekend

we went bowling
casey preparing to do his bowling fred-flintstone-style preparation that he always does
ps- i hate  "cosmic bowling"
you can't see anything,
it makes you dizzy,
i just don't like it at all
 above is our group, 3 of the guys casey works with.
i'm glad they came bc for once i didn't have the lowest score :)
haha but they still had fun and just laughed at their gutter balls
it made it easier to laugh at all the many of mine!

ok, so also we have been so lucky to meet the sweetest family ever here this summer
we've now been able to hang out with them twice and it's been a blast!
it's just so wonderful to take a break from bugs, work, and selling
they have the cutest kids and are just so fun!
we got to go to church with them today and afterwards we ate dinner, played games, had dessert etc
so grateful we met them
so even beyond them being so so much fun,
the mom has this new anti-gravity yoga room in her home
picture this: cirque du soleil+yoga
yes this means crazy awesomeness
here's some of our fun pictures of messing around with them
this is their adorable 2 year old we love to play with
 you can also search youtube to look at some fun videos of it :)

...trying to think what else we did...
went to chile's
made a really yummy pancake recipe for breakfast
we've maybe started to, just a little bit, hopefully gotten ourselves into a routine of making ourselves get up even after 99% of our body says no to working out in the morning
been able to listen to our book (the lost symbol by dan brown) a lot this weekend
video chatted
and uh, yeah that's about it

hope you all had a fabulous weekend
we'll be back for more later!


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

I need me one of those anti gravity yoga things...they look fun!! Looks like a fun weekend! Chris loves Dan brown, I think he has read all of his books.

Cody and Camille said...

I'm glad you included us in your fun weekend... through video chat that is:) So is that Matt Lundquist your selling with? He and I knew each other at USU!

cutter2005 said...

Ya I recruited him for the summer, he is doing well and I am glad he made it out!