Thursday, May 20, 2010

as of lately,

-casey's pump up song this summer seems to be bad romance by lady gaga
-i hate chess, and i volunteer to play it every sunday,
why kimber, why do you play that game after losing every single time?
-casey and i played tennis the other morning, way fun
-i'm not motivated to work out like ever,
or do kimberobics bc there's no one to do it with,
i'm much too addicted and dependent on working out in group settings!
-cooking is so much easier when i have meals planned out in advance!!!!
-did i mention my bro and SIL are expecting? we're way excited for it!
-i need a haircut, still!
-the weathering has been so beautiful
-i have a million stations on pandora right now
-i hate desktop computers
-i found a super cute dress on sale, but it had no sleeves at i made it into a skirt :) yay! thank you old navy for having the best clearance section
-casey already has a really bad farmer's tan, teehee
-sticky notes stick to everything!
-i really like having a kitchen with lots of cupboards and a big bathroom and closet :)
-i really want a garden someday
-i'm already ready and excited to go to our family reunions this summer
-i finally got rid of the travel bug for a few months
-i am back into coveting a nice camera to take more better looking pictures of everyday events so when kiddos come around i'll be ready to
-i finally got a library card!!!
-wow this list starts with too many i's, bleh, hello self centered kimber
-the asians we work with are funny
-fruit is soooo yummy, especially all kinds of melons
-one and two of my high school friends are having wonderful things happening soon
-3 of my friends are going to africa this summer!!! one is already there, how stinkin cool is that?!
-the last four lines did not start with i
-i'm over and out now, time to either read or blog stalk, one shall win

adios xoxo

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Cody and Camille said...

Oh Kimber, I love you! This whole thing just made me smile.