Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mommy day!


i have been blessed with beautiful examples of mothers in my life
i'm so lucky to know and have so many amazing women in my life teach me

my own, wonderful and sweet one.
i see myself become more and more like her each day,
and you know what,
that makes me really happy :)
i am who i am because of her.

my husband's wonderful, sweet mother
she teaches me new things about motherhood and my husband everytime i'm with her
and she taught her son so well, he was so lucky to have this wonderful woman raise him.

i see my SIL's and cousin's with their kids all the time and hear them talk about them and i hope to be what they are and to be able to teach and love my children like they do theirs
i'm so lucky to watch first and then to do like them

i've been blessed with wonderful grandmothers,
grandma holman,
granny woodruff,

and casey was lucky to learn from
grandma jo
and grandma christensen

there are so many more beautiful, kind, wonderful, amazing, talented women 
who have taught, guided, befriended, and nurtured me
so i just want to say
thank you.
thank you for being you.

happy mother's day!!!

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