Saturday, May 22, 2010

we did

11.21.09+6 months= 6 month family birthday :)
i heard someone call it that and we've now adopted that language because we thing it's cute
hip hip, hooray!

i know it's not really that monumental but, it's fun for us to celebrate

celebrations included,
a. kimber refusing to get up this morning to work out with casey even after all of his pleadings, so he crawled back into bed :)
b. work work and work
c. lunch at a local mom and pop mexican restaurant called mexican delicious haha

d. more working (though kimber's was intermingled with a ridiculous amount of time blog stalking...ehem)
e. eating ice cream out of the carton together for dinner

this is happines
happy anniversary babe,
best 6 months of my life thus far :) 

ps- in the background is the desktop computer that i bang on sometimes when it stops working and makes me super mad, literally, i've nearly done exactly what this guy has done...or at least the hitting all the keyboard keys really hard part :) happy to say mine and the computer's relationship's is getting better as each day passes