Friday, May 7, 2010

a time for reading

it's summer time.
which means worktime
and with this job, it means reading time.

i'm taking a trip to the public library, hopefully soon, but am stumped with what to get
any ideas on good books you've read lately or not so lately?
i haven't read in ages it seems like bc of school but i'm ready to get my read on

so please, share with me your goods!


Mrs. Darling said...

Go get the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, you won't regret it!

And then read the City of Ashes, City of Bones, City of Glass series. So SO SOOOO Good. Like, Almost Twilight good. If you make it through all of those, call me....I have many many many more suggestions!

Mrs. Darling said...
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Blair said...

I agree. The Hunger Games series was really good and the third one comes out in Aug I think. Also, I read a book called "These is my words" (I know, weird title) but it was really good too. One of my favs now.

Janell Haws said...

oh i am loving on the books right now so here are my favs so far! the entire percy jackson and the lightening thief books by rick riodrdan (love LOVE love them!!!!), the fabelhaven books by brandon mull (talk about AMAZING! you wont put it down!), this sounds totally random but the Hazardous Duty series by betsy brannon green (they sound like weird but my whole family is obsessed with it they are fantastic books!!!!!!!!!), you have probably already read it but the host by stephenie meyer is really good!

Anonymous said...

nice picture. it looks familiar.

Scottie and Megany said...

depends on what you what to read and what you like! but like amanda said, i have heard the city of bones series are AMAZING! my sister LOVES them and is on the last book now. i still need to read them. then.. you oughta read The Lost Symbol. I havent finished because its been hard to read since ive been pregnant, but im halfway thru and its really good so far! then the peter and the starcatchers series are super cute! scott got me to read them.. you should definitely read those! and ive asked for the fablehaven series for my birthday because ive heard great things about them. so there you go! lots of suggestions from megan

Scottie and Megany said...

oh and if you are looking for a really good spiritual book to read, (you might have to buy it on deseret book because i dont know if you can find it in the library) but its called Daughters of God. love it. sooo good and i have to agree about the peter and the lightning thief series, they are really cute (although ive only read the first one haha)