Thursday, May 27, 2010

decorating opinons

so, this is my own perosnal opinon
not trying in anyway to hurt your feelings.

vintage can look cute,
way cute.
i agree with everyone on that point.
went to an antique store and wanted to purchase many a cute things
didn't though bc their price tags are not so cute

but sometimes it gets out of hand,
like that room looks like a yucky old person's house look.
like you just bought a bunch of stuff that's horribly, terribly used look.
getting my drift?

so, next time you or i, feel like decorating a room/adding stuff to it
let's ask ourselves, is this cute-old or ugly-old?

white rooms are beautiful.
white sheets.
white compforters.
white pillows.
white rugs.
white chairs.
white curtains.
the whole she-bang,
it makes a beautiful combination for a room.

but let's be real here.
it's not going to stay white for long,
it's probably going to become off white,
and you're going to have to work on cleaning stuff a lot more.
the combo just isn't realistic, sadly enough.
so dear white rooms:
our relationship is never going to work out,
it's not you, it's me

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