Tuesday, May 4, 2010

busy busy busy bodies!

well folks, we made it to cali!
we had such a fun time last week in arizona visiting my side of the family 
we played much too much with little miss annalee
and the adorable new phoebe!
here are some of our activities!

played with annalee... a lot and we loved it!!!!
i was "biber" or "K! biber"
and casey was "asey" or "C! asey"
we trued teaching her the "k" part of our names and she couldn't put the "k" and the word she already knew together, so cute!
but she's learning so much!
it's so fun to teach her knew things and hear her parrot us!
i love this age!
she's hilarious when you say smile!!!
 pretty much our day often evolved around
when can we play with annalee?
when is her nap?
when can we pick her up?
you know :)
casey taught her how to sword fight...in the store
we also taught her the "okey pokey!"
and we loved hearing "no! annalee (very mumbled) do it!" 
we learned she loved getting her nails painted!
what a girl!
we did them blue and changed to pink after a few days
whenever she wasn't in the talking mood, i just asked her about her nails and she got all super happy and then played with me :) loved it
i've never heard the ABC's so much as i did when we were with her
we also sang like a bajillion songs to entertain her in the car haha
went to bahama bucks and loved it!
casey loved it so much we went 3 times in a week, goodness

we also met this cute little girl!
miss phoebe!
you just got to love holding a newborn!
proud mommy and sister
proud aunt and uncle too!
we're so lucky to have 3 cute little nieces on my side!

climbed kamleback mountain in phoenix with my mom!
i haven't done that hike in awhile and goodness there are BOULDERS!
it's not a hike, it's like a boulder climb!
haha, but fun memories still

went to the Gila Valley Temple walk through!
it's smaller than it appears!
but it's so pretty inside!!!!!!!
we were so lucky to have blair, annalee, and phoebe come with us at the last minute!
to say the least, annalee was quite entertaining through the "reverent" temple :)
but we did all enjoy the plentiful amount of cookies at the end
everyone minus mom

had to go motorcycle riding!
i don't know why but i still say motorcycle riding even though i was the only one on one, everyone else was on quads etc!
casey had a little/big oopsie daysie and has some new battle wounds
you gotta learn somehow huh? :)
everyone minus mom again, poor mommy
i think the arizona desert is soooo pretty :)
and it was wonderful, everything was blooming!

oh yes and casey did his first balloon job with us,
this was his new hairstyle :)
funny the day my mom needed help, it was 3 jobs...that turned into nightmares!
you may like balloon drops, but we do not :)
a first in my mom's balloon career, it was triggered early!
luckily i saw it and ran up the ladder to save it before all the balloons came out! goodness!
to see how one of the proms turned out, visit here

 we had a wonderful time in arizona and were sad to leave!
we're safe in sacramento with lots of bug guts on our car to prove it,
getting into the gist of our jobs,
our apt is awesome and we love it,
someday we'll go shopping for food too :)


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Glad you made it! Analee is so cute. Miss you guys!

Cherri said...

I took some pretty good pictures..... haven't even looked at my pics yet myself....nice post! No Logan or Dad... :(

Blair said...

I love all the pictures!! and I'm SO glad you guys were here. It was such perfect timing--you were such a big help to me with annalee while I recoverd from surgery! She loves you two so much! we will miss you. Have fub in Cali!!

Cody and Camille said...

What a great update!!! You two are just cutest! What a great aunt and uncle you make, too!:) For reals, that is some serious entertaining you had going on. Fun, fun, fun. Well, glad you are safe and sound in Cali. Be sure to come back and see us! We'll by in WY from June 17-27. Yay!

Scottie and Megany said...

i totally am jealous! i wish we couldve been with you guys in arizona!