Monday, April 12, 2010

ballroom in concert

my team in our Paso Doble costumes (I'm on the bottom 2nd from the right)
 my two good friends on one of the other ballroom teams
Kara Hill on left, Andy Seibert on right :)
i don't have my lipstick on and they do :(
my friend Koryl and myself doing the super cool Paso pose...
except for the fact that i"m doing the guy part haha
 whitney and myslef!
she was my amazing latin coach for the semester
she's such a great dancer! i love watching her,
i'll continue striving to be like her one day!
we look like giants in this
 my team in our finale costumes
i'm bottom right
 i was so so so so happy to have some fans out there for one of the performances!
i was lucky to have my mom in town to watch!
and of course my most faithful fan came too :) thanks love!

concert was so great this year!
it was the 50th year of the ballroom dance company so they had a bunch of the alumni tour team members come back and dance! haha, it was great
i think my team didn't do too shabby for itself for a beginning team (hopefully!)
paso isn't my absolute forte but it was so fun doing it still
and the tour team did amazing!
i would so love to be able to perform in those amazing numbers one day!
...if only...if only :)

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Cherri said...

I feel really lucky that I get a chance to see you perform!