Monday, April 5, 2010

freshly vacuumed

don't you just love freshly vacuumed carpets?
it's probably onenof my favorite things in life!
and no, not just bc i'm newly married.
ever since i was about 13 i've loved the carpet lines a vacuum makes

my parent's house and vacuum does it beautifully
that only increased my obsession and affection for those lines :)

but this new little house apartment of mine does pretty well i'd have to say
you've probably seen from pics we have dark green carpet (which isn't bad, it actually is pretty soft!)
but it shows every little itty bitty piece of anything that's not carpet!
so we vacuum often :)
but that's ok bc then we get to have pretty vacuum lines

ps-our vacuum has a retractable chord!
best. invention. ever.

 pps- not looking forward to ever living in a bigger place.
even our tiny one gets messy i can't imagine something w more than 4 rooms to take care of constantly!
and with more than just 2 people making a mess!!!
ahhhh! haha
and it's so easy to just have to vacuum 2 rooms!

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Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

We just borrowed our RS pres KIRBY VAC!!! Talk about awesome! I shampooed my couches too! I have to vacuum often, with 2 boys and a dog well you must understand..LOL!