Thursday, April 8, 2010

No, Dwight did not make this list

Fact: J. Crew came out with their fall collection last week...what the heck! I'm still wearing lots of pants,jackets, gloves, and earmuffs to school in the mornings! I haven't even gotten to come across spring and summer in my world! Yet, they want to show me all the fall clothes? No no, I do not support this

Fact: You can get 15% off your purchase at J. Crew with your BYU I.D. How cool is that?! I just found that out yesterday not like I'll actually use this offer. j crew=super cute yet too expensive at this stage in life

Fact:  I love love love this site. Her attention to detail on all her cakes, cookies, and cupcakes is amazing!

Fact: I also love this site. Her quilts aren't the same ol' same ol' triangles, matching, symmetrical designs; way more cute and fun. One day I too will kind of maybe quilt once every blue moon and make cool quilts like her.

Fact: It snowed again last night. Oh yeah, then it melted.

Fact: The BYU Ballroom Dance Company's concert is this weekend! Come it will be amazing! It's the 50th anniversary! And you'll get to see me dance, but even better you'll get to see the tour team be amazing!

Fact: I had my first final today. One down, 6 to go!

Fact: My mom is coming in town tomorrow! Yay!

Fact: I am still madly in love with my wonderful husband, Casey :)

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

there is no jcrew in provo.
how on earth did you not know ahout the jcrew discount. same thing for banana too.

Mrs. Darling said...

kimber, it sounds like i need to take you with me when i go shopping...and is there a jcrew in provo?!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the mention.. you are so sweet!!

(and just because everyone else did, I feel the need to mention... did you know there is a jcrew in provo?)