Thursday, April 15, 2010

the cocoa bean: cupcake cafe

i am most definitely a cookie girl.
i love cookies and prefer them over just about anything.
chocolate chip are by far my favorite ever.
so simple and so yummy!

but, back at the end of march i found a coupon for the new cupcake cafe by campus
we didn't end up getting to use the coupon
so casey and i went to this little place on that wonderful friday day
it was cute.
and fun.
and super yummy.
casey very excited to eat it
kimber very excited to eat it
it was big and yummy like stated before :)

so when my mom cam into town we just had to go again :)

the "whatever you like" and" s'mores" are both very yummy :)
the cocoa bean: cupcake cafe is a new favorite


Anonymous said...

dyer works there

Cherri said...

must take sam there next time!