Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy easter!

(look at the straight ones on this one!)

i actually loved having general conference on easter weekend this year!
the talks were so uplifting and so directed to increase the memeber's testimonies of christ and love
it's one of those wonderful weekends i look forward to to be at home with my sweetie and listen to the words of the bretheren.
they're so inspiring and so amazing!
i know they are men called and led by God
here's a beautiful video for easter!

we had a very yummy breakfast together on saturday morning! (finally got to sleep in past 5:30 am this week!)
puffed pancakes with bananas and strawberries on top!
watched the 1st session,
dyed easter eggs
watched the 2nd session
cleaned the house
casey went to priesthood and dinner with my brothers
i got to play with cute little abby

and then for sunday we woke up at 9:50 for conference and had cereal :) 
so nice to sleep in!
watched the 4th session
went to an extended cousin lunch on casey's side in SLC and ate a lot
drove home and listened/watched to the last session of conference
such a good weekend to be together and have a wonderful time with one another!

we're headed over to my brother's house to have another yummy easter dinner with them now!
hope you're all having a wonderful easter day too!

ps-i'm so badly missing easter pageant! wish i could even have the chance to watch it!


Mrs. Darling said...

thanks again for watching her! It was fun seeing you guys again tonight! Boo to you moving to CA for the summer!

Hope we get to do something before you go!

Nik and Dawna said...

Those are THE MOST AWESOMEST Easter Eggs EVERR! I am amazed!
ANd I hear ya on missing the Pageant. Made me sad too. First time in like forever that I have had to go without it.

Blair said...

Good job on the easter eggs. I can't remember the last time I died eggs..... Glad you guys had so much fun. We pulled weeds and did other yard work inbetween Saturday sessions. Fun.