Tuesday, April 13, 2010

mi familia!

as you might realize my amazing, wonderful mother is here visiting!
i'm so happy :)
it's funny how much i see myself in her all the time now!
i stole my mom's camera the other day and found a bunch of adorable ones i wanted to share,
i love love love my family :)
wish i got to see everyone more often!!!

annalee and kirk having a tea party!
apparently annalee ate the chocolate as soon as she found the egg :)
so cute!
 my beautiful cousins danielle and april with kirky
colleen with my mom and annalee
scott playing with some jumping stilts! so cool

the family went for a lovely walk together on sunday! :)
we pretty much oogled over abby the whole time
casey it kinda heavy to carry...but i did try! ha!
more playing with abby!
 abby's cute little easter dress!
look at those eyes! love em!

and my mom finally  updated her balloon blog with a bunch of amazing pics! go check it out!

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