Friday, April 16, 2010

coming to the end


right now we (i) are in the middle of:
packing up the apartment.
packing for the summer which means having to pack away most my clothes and having to rally decide exactly what i need and am going to wear during the summer...tear.
trying to get rid of clothes i tell myself i wear but that i really don't.
trying to eat up our pantry.
trying to talk my sister in law to not having her baby before i get to az.
cleaning the house to sparkling clean.
and my wonderful friend pandora is with me all the way making sure good music is playing

all this and the weather outside is heavenly.

i remember freshman year i pretty much packed up all my stuff and cleaned the night before i left to az.
granted i only got 2 hours of sleep that night
funny how when you get married your stuff more than quadruples
i can't imagine how much more stuff i'll have when there's kiddos around!

there's tickets from phoenix to hawaii for $118 dollars each way with hawaiin air
yes miss jenny i'm thinking of you and your offer!
which totaly 256 after taxes.
my heart aches to buy those tickets and spontaneously go to hawaii between the break of school and work
there's more things that are important in life right now 
but that doesn't mean hawaii is out of question for the year :) 

my back hurts

i'm making cupcakes at the moment
to help eat up our pantry
too bad they won't be as yummy as the cupcake cafe
which a lovely miss dyer now works at! so excited and jealous of her! i plan on visitng on monday to celebrate the summer, any AGers are welcome!

i'm just so happy to have reached finals!
classes are nearly done!
summer is nearly here!
just a few more days!


Blair said...

Can't wait til you get here!

Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Good Luck this summer! Did you my list I sent Casey? Anyways love and miss you tons!!