Thursday, April 22, 2010

back in good ol' Y.oming

chicago=the windy city
green river wyoming=the windy city!
we're so happy to officially be done with school and byu and provo for the summer
we got to go to miss tayliann's soccer game today!
tayli scored the game winning  point which made us all thrilled!
 casey broke the chair he was sitting in,
it was pretty funny.
casey, karlee, and i were huddling together under a small blanket bc it was freezing and windy!
  derek was huddled behind an umbrella the whole time trying to stay warm
it was just a grand ol time.

we've been looking for funny "only in wyoming stuff" while we've been here
thus far it's been:
a sign that said this water is not drinkable
a sign with a picture of a man shooting a gun with an X over it at a park
a ghetto big truck, covered in mud with camoflauge windows and 2 scraggly men with beards sitting in it (one in the back part of the cab)
a newspaper article antitled bucks showing their natural curiosity by standing on the side of the road this season 
um yes, this is WY thus far :)

we like it 


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

You gotta love WYO!!!
Love it!
Take it all in..LOL!
We miss you!
We better get to see your beautiful faces this summer!
:) :) :)

Cherri said...

Are u a Red Neck..... Casey?