Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BYU intramurals- week 1

so this was our first week of the new intramural season up here at BYU!

Basketball: casey's team ravaged the poor, scrawny group of freshman boys. i felt so bad! no one likes to lose and it think it's worse when you lose by 40 points! yes, the score was 75 to 35. it was really fun to watch casey play though. i'm amazed how much i love to see him out there playing, laughing and having fun with his friends! there's a smile he has there on the court that just warms my heart :)(yes, precious and sappy i know) hey honey, how about more basketball, less video games? yeah? (i know just kidding casey, you don't really play them ever anymore...especially since they're all sold!) I was asked to be scorekeeper bc i'm the only weekly, dependable support that team has right now haha, but i'm not very good at it, maybe after 5 games i'll be better. it's good and bad doing it bc it makes me pay attention to the game the whole time, but then again, i can't pay attention to casey as much as i'd like or cheer on the team. oh well :) it was a good, rather funny, yet sad (for the other team),but definitely more funny game overall.

Intertube Waterpolo: yes we are on an intertube wateroplo team and totally stoked for it! we couldn't go tonight bc it was during casey's game. boo. but next time i will tell you all our crazy adventures!

Last of all, it is Tuesday night. have i mentioned why i don't tend to like tuesday night? well i'll tell. tue nights casey goes into work at 9:30 pm and gets out at 12:30 am. yes this means  i have to fall asleep alone :( boo. then he comes home, while i'm sleeping, and he goes to wake back up at 6:15 for work from 6:45 am- 2:00pm. yes, this also means i wake up alone. the loneliness does not end there folks. wed nights i don't see hime til 8 or 9 pm. boo yet again. so there it is, that's how we are separated for 24 hours of our week. oh, and yes, that's the end of my pitty party :)


Scottie and Megany said...

I want to come watch Casey play basketball! It would be so much fun to be the score keeper lol I would enjoy it and I'm rather envious of him for playing ball :)

Blair said...

I feel for ya. I don't like being away from Logan either. Boo. That work scheduled stinks, but I'm glad your husband can go to work for you guys. It could be worse :)