Wednesday, January 20, 2010

finally, a step in the right direction

if you know me very well,
you know that i've been dying to be a group fitness instructor at a gym for years now.
i know i can do it.
i pretty much already have with kimberobics the past year or so.
friends tell me i should all the time.
i've had lots of experience with it with classes i've taken, dance workouts, track workouts, etc.
i just been telling myself i can't really find the time to do it or
they probably don't have room for me or
i have no inside connections with a gym or
all that nonsense

today i finally did something about it
i went into the provo gold's gym and asked how to become a group fitness instructor!

but then they told me i have to go to the orem gym where the corporate office is.

but i'm doing something about it and i am so happy!
i want to start getting paid to workout while having fun!!!!!!!

PLUS! tonight after that whole thing i was looking around at my old gym's schedule online (they have the best classes and schedule! so many i LOVE  it!) and there was the name Kimber for an instructor for a class! i've seen Kim, Kimm, Kimmy, and Kimberly before but never Kimber! my little heart jumped for joy! it's possible! one kimber can do it! i can totally do it! i am now determined to see my name as an instructor for a class on a piece of paper. you watch friends, one day soon, and i mean SOON, it's going to happen!

goal to self: tomorrow, drive to the orem office and start training to do it :)

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