Friday, January 22, 2010

a little milestone

happy 2 months to us!

here's a sneak peak of what we got today!

other great things that happened on this date of our little milestone:

(1) casey found our pots and pans! we thought we had lost them (ones that he got as a grad present years ago) and have been using old ones of my mom's for quite sometime now bc we couldn't find them anywhere! but casey looked once more at his old place and found them way up high in a closet! so hooray to new pots and pans!
(2) the frame of our little futon broke. boo :( but casey found a free futon frame on craigslist after looking for a few days and picked it up today! hooray! now he's trying to take it apart as i type this because the sharp turn coming up from our stairs was just too sharp for the couch :( boo. but casey is doing great trying to learn how to use his new tools! i keep hearing grumblings of "this is stupid! how do i use these?! hehe"
***update: i just tried helping casey put it back together int he family room, that was a joke! we put it together backwards! so tomorrow we'll start all over again with it :)

(3) i went to gold's gym today and got an application. yay for me :)
(4) we got to see our wedding day photos on an online gallery today! loved them! i'll give you the site/password soon :)
(5) bought casey some birthday presents today that he's a gonna love!
(6) casey texted me today saying "get me a gym membership for my birthday. all these health classes i'm taking make it seem like i'm going to die soon"
(7) i have a little pea plant growing in my window sill for my living with plants class. i feel like a proud mom as i look at it each day!

that's it
we're really tired right now.
i'm going to go snuggle up next to husband and fall asleep.
good night.


Scottie and Megany said...

Oh my!!! I love that pic and it was such a gorgeous background! I miss home

Nicole said...

What a beautiful picture!!! That's so funny about Casey saying he needed a gym membership. We love you and can't wait to see you! We are hopefully going to be down to Utah in Feb. so we should all meet up then :)