Tuesday, January 5, 2010

St George/New Year's Excursion!

like i mentioned before, we went to st. george after christmas with casey's family!
we had lots and lots of fun!
activities consisted of lots of cards games, other games, video games, movies, eating out, "shopping" but not buying, laser tag, mini golf, first night, sparklers, fireworks, and lots of laughing!
so glad we got to spend some of our time with the cutlers during break!
can't wait to get together again!

the gang minus tayliann
doing what we do best- loungin!
card sharks!
lovin texas road house's jukebox!

a pre-birthday celebration for tayliann! 

the cute little baby Jaden!

mommy and baby! 

avatar in 3D!

laser tag!

oh happy day! a new year is on its way!

does anyone else love this game!!!! you  know, bop the alligators!

st george first night! this was a huge chalkboard to write in

goodbye st george 2009!

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Cody and Camille said...

I'm so sad it's over! These pictures totally make me miss you guys! Can't wait for the next Cutler hooray!