Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Things I learned from the ALS ice bucket challenge

1. Fun people do fun things. Even though this ice bucket challenge thing seemed very bandwagonish but when it really came down to it, it's just something fun to do to relate to others even if it does seem silly. In 10 years you'll look back at something like this and say "yes I was apart of that, and it was fun, funny, and memorable." And you know what you gotta support great things that go viral.

2. When someone else pours the water on your head, they do it much more slowly than when you would just do it to yourself. People who pour it on themselves aren't getting the real treatment.

3. When your 1 1/2 year old begs for the water to be dumped on their head, they really don't get it and will cry a lot when they're wet and cold.

4. It's really awkward to have water dumped on you when your Chinese neighbor (who speaks NO English) is sitting there watching. Weird Americans…

5. It's also a very uncomfortable feeling to be standing in your clothes, drenched from cold water, waiting outside your house.

6. The longer the water is dumped on you, the colder it gets.

I shall post videos soon for memory sake

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Cherri said...

Yep pretty funny ..... I am just waiting for one of the YSA to challenge Bishop Woodruff. Maybe then he might do it.