Thursday, August 28, 2014

the road back to Nebraska

This is very out of order but these are pictures after all our trips to AZ, HI, UT, WY visiting all our families. They just happen to be the next easiest series of photos to post, ha

After Hawaii we got to spend a little more time with Cody and Camille's family which we always love. Lunch at this little Mexican place was fantastico! Maxson devoured a ginormous quesadilla, danced to the music all of lunch, and was thrilled to have his OWN drink of (watered down) lemonade.
We surprised my niece Annalee one day and went to her school for lunch. I will forever remember that as we walked into the very noisy and full lunch room we were looking everywhere for her, not knowing where she could be and knowing since she's not expecting us she may not see us, but the sight of her standing up at the table with the biggest grin on her face flailing her arms in a big hello-i'm-over-here type of way. It was the absolute cutest, she was beaming with us sitting next to her.
a. Casey brought our nephew Jaden along on one of his mystery shoppers to Panda Express to teach him how to be a "spy"
b. With OBGYN appointments and Chiropractor appointments from our car accident, it seems as though we've had doctor appointments non stop and it's KILLING me. When Max is with us we do everything in our power to make him just sit still…that even means the phone.
a. It's been fun getting to lay on my stomach again at chiropractor appointments with their special tables!!!!!!
one last stop at Bahama Bucks on our way out of town.
Gas stations never failed at having pretty big stuffed animals at them, these were by far the biggest we saw and made Maxson SOO happy.
fell asleep eating his quesadilla on the way to say good bye to Granny and Papa.
Both ways we stopped at my Grandpa's house in St. George. Firstly, it was wonderful to break up the drive from Utah to AZ but secondly and even more importantly, it was so nice to get to visit with him and Grannylynn!
a. This is not an advertisement but the Britax Boulevard car seat is wonderful. I wanted to show how awesome the true side impact collision protection helps hold Max's head up SOOO well when he sleeps, no crooked neck!
b. Ten hour drives=write all over yourself for entertainment and sure have a phone and do whatever you want just please don't squeal/scream/cry (I promise we don't give him the phone that often even if this shows that we do) ha.
Springville splashpad
Whoever was the creator of this Springville splash pad area did a pretty fantastic job UNTIL they put in a water feature fountain RIGHT NEXT to the splash pad with a sign that says "please don't play in the fountain." Are you for reals? That fountain is YELLING at little children to come bask in its waters. Maxson was quite upset that I did not let him in it, we left after he and I began a battle of wills for 20 minutes with lots of tears involved.
Stopped at my brother's house for a quick hola to my family (and a very photogenic picture…) that cute little boy Britton loves to blame naughty things on Maxson when Max is and isn't around, it's quite funny to hear. He does an evil chuckle and says "Maxson do it"
Dinner on the road at IHOP. Gotta blow on that food!
I'm getting so bigggggggg, blergh. On a happier note my mom got me this necklace for my birthday and I'm utterly obsessed with it.
The drive back through (very long) Nebraska. The landscape is pretty: corn fields, farms, blue skies. It just gets old after 30 minutes but you still have 5 hours of it to go and then it just gets plain boring.

And there you have it, our trip back to Nebraska

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