Tuesday, August 19, 2014

back and kicking

wowee, was that a long trip or what? we are glad to be back.

we are tired, oh so very tired.

we put maxson down at 8 tonight and promptly fell asleep ourselves for an hour. it felt great, but once we woke up at 9 we were suddenly awake again and can now not go to sleep, thus my blogging.

i am large with children. oh so large. we left and i was still comfortable and great with this pregnancy. we came back and i feel like 9 months pregnant. my back endlessly hurts and some of my "maternity" clothes are getting tight already.

we loved visiting family. we got to see all our families members, not a single person was missed, even grandparents. (ok, maxson missed seeing my brother in utah but we adults spent a week's time with him).

hawaii was wonderful. we came back mostly relaxed and tan. i suggest not going to hawaii 6 months pregnant with twins though, puts a little damper on some activities…

it's so hard to transition to being home after being gone a month. you have so much stuff to put away, there's no food in your home to eat, there's lots of mail to go through and thus people to call, random things in your house have molded (the toilet and syrup?). and now there are not all these extra hands to help out with maxson. it is oh so tiring.

i have a bajillion and half pictures to go through. i had a goal of keeping up on them each night but let me tell ya, it actually felt great to not get on my computer for nearly 3 weeks. i was still on my phone checking things here and there if there was hard core downtime (i.e.- the airport and long car drives), but it did feel pretty great to be overall disconnected from really doing stuff online.

we have this whole week to get things done before casey heads back to school. i'm so happy we have a week of downtime before school starts and not just a night or a weekend. hopefully i can squeeze in a little blogging.

can i just point out the best thing of being on a trip: you get taken care of. you have, at the max, your 2 suitcases of laundry to do, purely clothes. meals are mostly planned and made for you. we helped out when/where we could but the overall burden was not on my shoulders, what a beautiful break. overall housework pretty much disappeared. there were ALWAYS extra hands to help with maxson; as i'm getting bigger, slower, achier, and overall more tired, this meant the world to me. our families were so kind to take such great care of us while we visited them, we are so so so very blessed.

so there you have it, hopefully i can catch up with life this week!

church in kauai outside the small hanalei branch.
 photo photo-10_zpscabaa3cc.jpg

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