Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Arizona play time.

 Pre-Hawaii I just hung out in Arizona for nearly a week while Casey was on a dental trip in Jamaica. It was a pretty chillax week but it was nice to be like that.

Annalee swimming (and diving!)

 in the above picture, Maxson had this little scowl, pouty lip face during lots of time in the pool, probably because of the brightness of the sun, but every time I saw it it brought me straight back to a year ago in the pool with him when that seemed like the only face he'd make, ex:
 photo IMG_9271_zpsa4a629e5.jpg
Playing with Logan and Annalee, Max was thoroughly entertained by this small hot wheels contraption.
We also celebrated Blairs birthday with a delicious boston cream pie cake. Ruthie helped blow
Ruthie and Max played together a lot, although I don't think Ruthie liked it very much, ha, Max doesn't quite know how to "properly" play house yet :)
We brought out a few sparklers after for Blair's birthday celebration. Maxson didn't want to get near them but al so didn't want to leave them.
and here's a few from our phones including the trip down towards arizona:

getting in the car towards wyoming we picked our second cherry tomato
Max can't say many words but learned how to say "iPad" very quickly…children raised on technology...
best moment of any road trip is when he FINALLY falls asleep!
We stopped in Provo and grabbed Slab Pizza, sodalicious, and visited our friend Kelly
a. stopping at Grammy's work in Wyoming
b. riding the Rhino with Kirky
torturous car shopping:
a. car buying
b. first step after buying the car: a reward of McDonald's soft serve after hours of torture
popsicles after swimming
 a. Tia Rosas snoozing
b. eating his quesadilla he missed out on at Ti Rosas
 at the YSA ward in Arizona, after the first hour we hung out in the hall (this was also after Maxson took a sharpie to the church piano…hand sanitizer works my friends). Maxson was so loud during church yelling out "papa" "more" after the sacrament and loud sounds in general, it was fun.
(Blair if you want to take this picture and crop Max out of it I won't be offended ha).
 a. meeting new baby Landon! This may have been the first time he's actually held a baby, usually I only let him look at them but he enjoyed for a whole 5 seconds before he began wiggling out of the baby holding
b. got to meet up with my bff Courtney.
Playing with the Cutler cousins who JUST MOVED to Arizona! It's going to be so much dang fun having them there!

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