Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the maximus and motherhood

words written last Friday.
Reasons why Max drove be INSANE today:

He kept drinking water from waterbottles and spitting it out.

He rode his tricycle into the street when he KNOWS he shouldn't.

He opened the fridge door a million times and began making a mess

He kept wondering to the front yard to play.

He hosed down my picture frame mat I had just spray painted.

He threw food everywhere at every meal.

He hit a few different times today.

He screamed at us when he wasn't getting his way.

He got into the kitchen drawer a million times today.

While we were (finally) putting a baby lock on the kitchen drawer he was crying at our feet the whole time.

He refused to brush his teeth, screaming, gnashing, foaming at the bit.

Once done brushing his teeth and I let him have the tooth brush, he threw it violently across the room.

We were 15 minutes into our first "friday family movie night" and he began pushing the buttons on the DVD player (eject and off), so we turned the movie off for good and his world shattered, cue tears and tantrums.

He pushed my belly button really hard which practically made me sick.

As I was taking (the smallest) cat nap on the couch, he stole my pillow away from me (as always) to wake me up because he hates when I take naps.

He ran away from the playground twice today at the park towards/into the street and I had to chase after him.

When leaving the park he would not get into the car but instead ran far away towards the walking trail and wouldn't come back, another mom brought him back to me.

He got into the trash and pulled out a marker I threw away and began coloring on the floor with it.

He said "no" literally a thousand times.

He tried repeatedly to take off the whole nail of my pinky toe.

He took off another key on Casey's computer

He rolled around like an alligator during at least half his diaper changes today.

He fought us going to sleep for both his nap and night time

But even at the end of the day, I was so glad I got to be his momma. 

I'm glad it was me dealing with his tantrums,
trying to teach him right from wrong,
laughing at his messes,
hugging and kissing him when he was acting up.

I am so thankful I have a perfectly functioning hands and body that can care for him so easily,
he and I are both healthy,
we have food to eat (enough to throw on the ground and not go hungry),
we have a roof over our head and private quarters where he tests his boundaries.

I am so glad I am his momma and that he is my baby boy. I know that being a mother is hard, yet it is so fun and it truly is God's work. I am where I am supposed to be at this time: at home teaching a 20 month old boy how to love, obey, and listen (and not cry every time he can't have the iPad). I know I am not alone in this and that even the smallest preyer in my heart to my Heavenly Father will add to my strength and patience.

My favorite talk on motherhood here.
A small video clip from that talk:


Suzanne and Nate said...

Amen to that! These kiddos I have sure test me in ways I never expected, but I'm so thankful for it and especially for them and that they are mine.

AN Petersen said...

That is my favorite talk too and I cry every time I watch that video, so I didn't watch it this time. :)

Cherri said...

sniff, sniff, Go Moms!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I would have a complete meltdown after a day like that. Seriously sounds exhausting and I can't imagine doing all that while super pregnant. Good for you for seeing the complete side of everything Kimber, and embracing it all no matter what. I refuse to have kids unless I live 20 miles away from you! ;)

Andy Ballstaedt said...
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