Wednesday, August 20, 2014

27 weeks with twins

Holy moly has this pregnancy been different. So different all around from what it was like with Maxson. At 27 weeks I'm feeling rather large, more like I'm 36 weeks pregnant and just have a little longer to go, but that is not the case (stay in there babies!). My lower back hurts so much, it's a constant thing, last night I told Casey I need to stop using "my back hurts" as an excuse not to do things because I could literally use that as an excuse for everything. I just need to suck it up for the next couple months. and realize my back is going to hurt for the next little while. I am carrying 25 lbs of babies and stuff right there in the front of me, I don't think the weight is anywhere else in my body.

I have not swollen up anywhere yet, (except that big old belly of mine of course) a big hallelujah there. Pregnant life is so much easier when your ankles, legs, hands and fingers haven't grown in size.

The babies kick like crazy. It's a mad house in there at times I swear (and of course anytime someone wants to feel the babies move they stop right away). With Max I can only remember "kicks" and "pushes" really. With the twins it's more like rolls of arms and legs and big jumble crazy movement; kinda cool how different it is. Lately they've been active right when I'm laying down to go to sleep, makes falling asleep rather awkward and impossible.

I have definitely slowed down immensely over the past couple of weeks. I am drained after chasing Maxson around for just a little bit, I feel bad for constantly asking Casey to do x and y for Max but I just can't keep up with him. I'm a slow mover now days (and Max just keeps getting faster I swear). Picking him up is getting harder and harder and I try to do it as little as I can. He still begs at my feet/legs sometimes to pick him up and all I can see are his little eyes sticking out behind my large belly.   I am NOT looking forward to having Casey go back to school just knowing I'll have to wrangle Maxson myself, I'm literally dreading it.

Clothes are beginning to have less options. Even though I could probably still fit into a bunch of them, I'd rather be comfortable in loose clothes (like Casey's shirts). Some maternity shirts that used to have tons of room to grow when I first saw them, now end at the bottom of my tummy and are border lining too short, it's stupid ha. Maxi dresses are definitely still a huge win though, love those puppies (and I can foresee those to be the only things that I can legitimately wear in public the further along I get)

I have a growth scan next week to see their progress, very excited for that. Back at 24 weeks we had one and they were approximately weighing 1 lb 9 oz and 1 lb 8 oz. We're hoping and praying everyday for them to grow at the same rate!

Breathing is hard at times. Sometimes I just can't get DEEP breaths and that makes it so very uncomfortable.

Food is great. I eat a lot. I'm kinda self-conscious when I eat around other people because I'm seriously packing in a TON of food. Probably as much as Casey if not more than at each meal. I am no stranger to getting seconds and thirds at each meal. On the flip side if the babies are in a certain positions (I'm guessing) and I eat too much food it just hurts and is so dang uncomfortable, almost sickening. And I just have to lie down for a long time in hopes that it goes away soon.

I get LOTS of braxton hicks when doing too much activity, mostly walking too much. Casey has been a great supporter of limiting and supporting my minimal walking because we've had a few scares where it seemed like the contractions weren't going to stop. I want to do all I can to keep these babies in and I think borderline bed rest is my best bet right now.

24 weeks
 photo IMG_3806copy_zps00150e56.jpg
25 weeks
 photo IMG_3933copy_zpse2b0827f.jpg
26 weeks
 photo IMG_4271copy_zps1bd92219.jpg

Also I must add that it seemed SO MUCH harder to be pregnant in Arizona than it was in Nebraska. The humidity is awful, truly. But pregnancy wise, that high heat just DRAINS you. I was so unbelievably tired after just a little time in the sun. I hope I am never huge pregnant in the Arizona summer again.


Blair said...

CUTE!! I love the pictures

Suzanne and Nate said...

You may not feel it, but you are so cute! And so beautiful, and I hope things won't get any worse. I still haven't forgotten the pregnancy woes even though it's almost been 5 months of baby bliss. So happy you guys are back! We missed you!

Cherri said...

I agree... you really do look radiant ... face timing with you shows the same... pregnancy becomes you!