Friday, August 29, 2014

Park City

All these posts are apparently going to be blogged in reverse chronology.

We speedily drove up to Utah (in our new shnazzy van, oh the room inside!) to meet up with Casey's family after our time in Airzona. They happened to have a time share in Park City the week following our trip in Hawaii so we joined them for the latter end of it. When we first got there they happened to be in Springville working on cleaning up a lot they own. While Casey worked with them, that's when I took Max to the splash pad (that the idiot put in the do not play in the fountain water feature close by). We were allllll tired by the end of the day. But we were able to snap a quick 4 generation picture with Grandpa Hal (bonus: Maxson saw all 4 of his living grandfather figures within a 24 hour time frame 1. my dad in AZ 2. my Grandpa in St. George 3. Casey's dad in Utah 4. Casey's Grandpa in Utah. Pretty cool!)
We all went to In-N-Out for dinner but I don't know where that picture went...

 Derek was kind enough to be our baggage boy, ha.
Max was obsessed with Papa the whole trip. We all decided it was because he could actually say his name.
 One night we took a little stroll and trolley ride through some of the main street of Park City. Wow that town is so majestic. Quaint yet spectacular at the same time. I loved oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous mountains everywhere and the enormous but beautiful homes lining those mountains.
 Miss Karlee Jo
Grammy styled his hair this night and I kept looking at Max like "who are you?"
 We stopped into the incredibly popular Java Cow for some fresh ice cream. It sure was thick and yummy! Maxson thoroughly appreciated it begging everyone for their ice cream after he had finished off Casey's.
 A night of Settlers (6 player version!) We finally got to teach the parents how to play. I think they both loved it, hated it, understood it, and were totally lost at the same time. 
 Went swimming in the chilly pool with everyone. Then  everyone sat in the hot tub so I dangled my ankles in and Max sat on the very top step that was 2 inches deep; he wouldn't get in the regular pool after that (smart child).
 Maxson devoured the left over smoothie from one morning and had a mustache and large round circle on his face to prove it.
 This was also the first time that as I took pictures of him he was yelling at me "NO!" while putting a stop sign hand at me. So funny.
 We drove back to Wyoming at the end and hung out with everyone there for the evening. Max was in heaven with this tramp (and I think the big kids were too as seen from those smiles).
This is out of order, but one day in Park City we went to a very fun park!

We had such a fun time with the Cutlers in Park City. Love getting to experience new places and adventures with them. Thanks for letting us crash the party!

On a side note we went to Zupas for lunch in Park City and man oh man, that place is gooooood. This was my second time there and I had the same thing as last time: An Italian sandwich and the Lobster bisque soup, both were divine.

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Cherri said...

Looks like a lot of fun.... I am realizing I have not been to and walked around Park City in Years.