Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2013 photo album

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our 2013 album was shipped last week and i'm thrilled how it turned out!
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i decided to go with blurb again this year since
a) i can do over 100 pages
b) i can do a 12x12 and fit more pictures/page

here's some samples of a few pages this year.
this was the first year i added writing to it, and even then, only a little.
for the most part it was small bits and pieces copy and pasted from the blog to the book and i only did that if a) there was something that needed explaining b) there was an empty picture spot that could make writing work
 photo IMG_9413_zps5f4a29de.jpg
referring back to my blog makes making the photo book 1000x easier, all of my (good) iPhone pictures are already organized into sets of 4 because of the blog so i just plug them into big square settings, it gets a little picture heavy, but, eh, whatever.
 photo IMG_9415_zps4836952e.jpg
 photo IMG_9412_zps647420e0.jpg
the main thing i did different this year was put more pictures per page and have less photo layouts where it was 1 giniormous picture taking up 1 or 2 pages. i didn't put any picture on a full 2 page spread this year because the picture just becomes overly ginormous, think 1 ft/2 ft, that's got to be a crazy good/meaningful picture (maybe one year i'll do it again). the only pictures i made huge and put on its own full 1 page layout was big family pictures or my ultimate favorite family of 3 pics. even when there's 2-4 picture per page, those pictures are still BIG.
 photo IMG_9414_zpsdc9f6bec.jpg
i always tape our christmas card to the back of the photo album
 photo IMG_9419_zpsc57c6c9f.jpg
and here's a comparison of all the years.
2010/2011 are mypublisher. super great quality. 8x11's, 100 pages each.
2012/2013 are blurb. good quality (granted i could order a higher quality paper/printing on these book, but i just go with the cheapest option with any company usually) 12x12's, close to 200 pages each.
 photo IMG_9418_zps15187e19.jpg
 photo IMG_9420_zps3d8c8d01.jpg
when maxson was like 7 months old he got to the 2012 album (my first blurb one) and easily ripped out 2 pages, they came out easily and seamlessly sadly enough, but i just push them back in. i think that might come with the nature of a 200 page book and how the binding is, that's been my only complaint.

in the end, i think the price comparisons are about the same for the 2 books, with coupons for each company, my blurb books have twice as many pages and more picture space per page and the cost reflects that: more than twice as much per album, but that ay ok with me

i got a mailer with a coupon from blurb for a 30% off your next order of $75 or more, but i don't have another book i need to make at this point really. so any of you can use it!
it expires march 31.
the code is YOURGIFT.
now hurry and go make a book!!!!
btw 30% off is a BIG coupon for blurb, the best i could find was 20% for this book i think.

if you have any questions on some of the details of my book while making yours, just let me know, and i'd be more than happy to help!

ALSO there is a referral program with blurb, you and i both can get $20 off our next books if i send you a referral link and you buy a book (you could probably add it to you 30% coupon above!)
so if you want to start a book, shoot me an email at kimberwo (@) gmail dot com so i can refer you ;)


The Blackwelders said...

So cute Kimber! That must take you FOREVER!

Cherri said...

You make me a book... sounds good?

Suzanne and Nate said...

Awesome! Totally want to do this...some day! Wish things weren't crazy over here already or I'd totally snag your coupon, your are great salesman.

Kammy Ellis said...

Way to go! I'm 2 yrs behind in printing mine out. Sad. But good job on yours! They look Amazing!

Jacie Saltzman said...

i want this so bad, but i dont want it bad enough to make it that high of a priority yet haha. im jealous, these look so amazing!! good work!

D & C Larson said...

oh Kimber you inspire me! I am uh 5 years behind in this department. oops. Hopefully I can find some time to do this soon! I love this!

Jessie said...

Does the coupon expire? I might use it. I need to get my books put together still. Love how yours turned out.