Thursday, March 13, 2014


books and food* are maxson's love languages as of lately.
*food other people are eating
but for now we'll focus on books.

all day long maxson does which?

a. take all the books off the shelf/out of the basket
b. flips through books on the ground
c. brings me books to read to him
d. forces me to sit down so he can sit on my lap so i will read a book to him
e. all the above

e is the correct answer my friends.
it's a fun new stage. he's been interested in flipping through the books for a few months now, but it's only been the last couple weeks that he's been insistent on sitting on my lap to read him a book.
he can only get all the way through a handful of books: moo, baa, la la la; where the wild things are; goodnight moon; the going to bed book.
usually after 2-3 pages he gets up to find another book, runs back to me with a big grin, and situates himself on my lap to begin again.
we go through about 12 books in this process.

it's pretty cute…
 photo IMG_9330copy_zpscbb14e74.jpg
 photo IMG_9331copy_zps07561b23.jpg


Shane and Clara said...

awhh! I love it! I loved this stage when my kids each went through it as a toddler. I loved when they'd push themselves right into my lap! The best feeling of....I love you Mommy! Such a sweet feeling to have your baby want to sit in your lap and request story after story be read by Momma's voice! LOVE IT!
He is so cute Kimber! That face....awh, I just could love on it!

Oh, and in your family book you just made. Did you include all your journaling/writing off your blog or did you just do your pictures? Oh, I so am in desperate need to print my blog into years. ugh!

Cherri said...

Good Night Moon..... ugh!