Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Excuse my absence of regular postings! Jeeze! Every night I think about blogging but between a bunch of dilemmas it hasn't been happening! So I give you to you, reasons I haven't blogged lately aka: what i've been up to.

1. we be loving the tonight show with jimmy fallon. curses to that show for keeping us up so late therefor making us tired every morning but props to making us laugh every night. i sincerely would like to be that man's friend.

2. reading the book i am a mother. FRIENDS: read this book. it's a super duper quick read (i'm not into reading books usually, listening to them is my thing) but this is a fast, enticing, uplifting book on motherhood that i promise promise promise  you will love and love that i told you to read it. don't put this suggestion to the wayside. and it's a short read, so no huge commitment.

3. playing outside and with friends. for two days it got up to 70+ degrees around here and i was the happiest person ever. i was rolling my windows down when it got up to 39 so 70 was HOT for me, i was literally sweating while at the park with maxson but my body and soul loved the warmth of the sun. maxson loves to run away from me run everywhere. no but really he is adorable to watch outside, his curiosity of this new world not restricted by coats, boots, gloves, and snow pants is off the charts. i love it dearly and it makes my heart smile. tonight we had dinner outside with the missionaries and after we ate maxson was just running around, we watched him play in the dirt by our garden boxes. i'm all up for letting him get dirty (especially in the evenings) but then we watched him stick a mouthful of dirt in his mouth. we all laughed at it. then he did it again and we all laughed again but called to him to not do it (he was about 2-3 car lengths way from us). cue more dirt shoved in mouth followed more laughter and more fervent pleas in not putting dirt in your mouth. this followed by at least 3 more mouthfuls of dirt being frantically shoved in his mouth as i jumped off the bench to get him to physically stop. why child why? of course i didn't completely stop him, i went in to get my camera…
 photo IMG_9402copy_zpse1cb7c60.jpg

4. being a lot more diligent at food planning, food prepping, and house clean up lately. i still go in my waves of good and bad of this and usually for two days a week i lose it all and then find renewed energy to pick up the pieces and begin again.

5. my computer is on its deathbed. it is getting pretty slow, even with me taking all my pictures off onto back up hard drives. AND it is crazy finicky at charging lately. only casey can get the blasted thing to charge and he has to work with it awhile before it acknowledges that it's being charged, mmeh, don't die computer!!! i need you to last me 2 1/2 more years!!!!

6. speaking of computers, maxson kinda wrecked casey's. the screen part is all wobbly and half of it is disconnected from the keyboard...

7. my "in the picture" project. the past few days when i've thought to blog i also think, mmeh, but i should update those pictures, ha
 photo IMG_9323_zpsbb0f7deb.jpg
 photo photo-4_zpsbc6d48ae.jpg
 photo IMG_9342_zps0703198b.jpg
 photo IMG_9388_zps2620e40c.jpg
 photo photo-3_zps7ad317f1.jpg

and there we have it


Cherri said...

Dirt luv.

Andy Ballstaedt said...

you should buy a My Cloud for all your pictures.