Friday, December 6, 2013

my 1 year old baby boy

12 month stats:
31" (89%ile)
23 # 14 oz (85%ile)
18 1/2 in head (75%)
quite the proportioned (big) little boy
 photo IMG_7505copy_zps381b5d8e.jpg
at 1 years old what is this child doing?
 photo IMG_7534copy_zps9f5df266.jpg
well definitely his personality is shining through.
he is a really relaxed, easy going, chill boy.
we got dang lucky with this one.

his jabbering is constant.
if you catch him at the right time he spits out garbled nonsense continually with his tongue in full action just staring at you as he garbles on.
we have the best conversations.

constantly helping me with everything.
seriously, whatever i'm doing, maxson wants to be right there along side watching me do it or helping me do it.
recently i've been pulling a chair into the kitchen to let him watch my activities in there.
sometimes this works but often times it just makes the situation worse since he wants to pick everything up (knives, bowls full of ingredients, etc)
 photo IMG_7510copy_zps2eb68d70.jpg
he's into EVERYTHING.
this is the real baby proofing stage.
because he's so tall i can't just put things on the table to get them out of the way,
there has to be a 5 inch radius from the edge if i don't want it ending up on the floor.
even beyond that he still figures out ways to get stuff off counters, i'm amazed.

his phone radar is at an all time high.
i swear it's the first thing he finds after naps, mealtimes, new places, new people.
if you have a phone on you he will find it!
 photo IMG_7567_zps3a4cd115.jpg
he loves strangers, he really does.
no matter where we are, if there's a stranger that starts paying attention to him, he walks straight up to them and lifts his arms up to them to be picked up.
people love it.
and i'm glad he can bring a little joy to others.
he's never gone through the stranger danger phase.

he's super into cars and balls.
so totally boy all around.
 photo IMG_7562copy_zps560e24e0.jpg
a favorite game of his is fetch to throw an item across the room so he can bring it back to you.
we do this multiple times a day and he thinks it's the best.

gets books out, opens them to look at pictures, sits still while i read for awhile,
it's a fun new stage
 photo IMG_7560_zps585d3534.jpg
very much into climbing on top of things.
he can't get up too much yet but if there's a box at his level you can bet he wants to sit on it.
same with the activity table.

speaking of boxes and activity tables, he's really strong,
if those things are in his way to something he wants to reach (i.e.- christmas trees, dishwashers, mom, toys stuck in corner, etc) he will full on pick it up from the bottom and roll/push it over to get it out of his way.
i once put a laundry basket full of heavy clothes and lotions in front of a door that doesn't close so he couldn't get out and he pushed the whole things out of his way with his body weight.

he's finally learned to go down the stairs!!!!!!
hallelujah my worried mother heart of getting hurt falling down the stairs has been lifted.
go maximus!
 photo IMG_7522_zps82c40fd5.jpg
he loves riding his different cars around the house while making motor boat noises.
and his vacuum too (a birthday present from grammy and grandpa cutler).
he is obsessed with those 2 items.

i'm pretty sure he says the word go.
he gets super excited when i start putting his coat on asking him if he wants to go somewhere and continually shouts "guh guh guh!"

sleeps 10-12 hours straight through at night with 1-2 long naps during the day.
i can't complain.
 photo IMG_7566copy_zps39b1691f.jpg
he loves food.
any food.
all food.
he would probably eat all day long if i let him.
the only thing he doesn't like is scrambled eggs, which i should probably introduce to him again.

as tradition continues, we are enamored by this little one.
we've had the most wonderful year with him in our lives.
these days we just watch him toddle around playing while he jabbers on and we giggle at his adorable cuteness.
 photo IMG_7555copy_zps26e8d7ab.jpg
he came into our lives at the most perfect time.
we love this little boy with all our heart.

happy 1 year on earth maxson,
we're so very grateful that Heavenly Father sent you to us!
thank you for being the most wonderful little boy to have in our home!


Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Now I am thinking he looks more like you. Cute boy. Time flies. Sounds like a happy healthy boy to me. The years just get better!

Shane and Clara said...

Such a fast year! huh! He is adorable. Those pictures of him upside down and all around....I'm sure its harder to get his pictures being sooo on the go! They look great.

And it looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Family is the best.

Jared + Carly Reid said...

he is so cute kimber!! you seem like such a good mama.

Cody and Camille said...

Oh Max, you are just the cutest sweetest thing!

curtis and jacque dana said...

Cannot believe he's 1 already!! Such a cute boy, loving his long blonde hair:)

Cherri said...

Max can't wait to give you an in person Birthday hug.... a big happy one!