Tuesday, December 10, 2013

a carousel and snow

to round up maxson's birthday week we headed to the carousel to give him a spin.
it was worth every 200 pennies and more.
firstly he stared at it in awe from the outside for the multiple spins it took before we got on it.
once it was his turn i could tell he was just overwhelmed with joy.
he held on tight, stared at the lights, made his happy grunts, and enjoyed the ride.
every parent needs to experience the joy in taking their little on a carousel, seriously peoples.
 photo IMG_7609_zps5e298a30.jpg
 photo IMG_7623_zps9ceb6235.jpg
 photo IMG_7631_zpsa4508387.jpg

and on sunday it finally SNOWED!
it's about time that stuff turned up, it's been bitterly freezing.
we bundled maxson up to the brim to introduce him to that white happiness!
yet again, he had a fun 3 minutes in the snow patting it with his gloves, looking around, so curious at what this new stuff was.
then his glove fell off and he continued to touch the snow after about 15 seconds he tried shaking his hand to get the snow off/make it not cold.
that's when his face turned to us with big tears and confusion.
we went inside not long after, but it was still fun showing it to him!
 photo IMG_7602_zpsa3abb811.jpg
 photo IMG_7652_zps7ca7148b.jpg
 photo IMG_7655copy_zps2bb4e60d.jpg
the next day we played in the snow again (for less than 5 minutes) until his face hit the snow and he got cold.
so once inside i brought him in a plate of snow to play with in the kitchen, he loved that the most i think

and you can see our humble-top-half-decorated tree above.
those presents only stayed there for this picture and then i was wise enough to put them where maxson couldn't ravage them, because he would in a heart beat, ha.
his new favorite thing is to grab onto a branch and shake the whole tree to see all the ornaments shake too, that silly baby.


Shane and Clara said...

awhh so cute....the wonder of a one year old is THE BEST!
And I want to go on a carousel ride with my kids!

Totally.....the 1 or 2 times it has snowed at our house since living here.....I totally bring the snow inside for my kids to play with it. I just put in in a shallow tub or storage box type and they love it! We put cars in it and little tractors and all kind of stuff....they love it when they can stay mostly warm inside.
Ps. got your Christmas Card just now and I love it!!! Your family is adorable...so photogentic!

D & C Larson said...

Seriously?! How on earth is he already 1 year old?! Regardless Max is ADORABLE. Looks like the birthday celebrations went well :) You are making me excited for Carter to turn 1!