Tuesday, December 3, 2013

too much to do

i feel so behind on blogging.
i WANT to blog about lots of little things i love that are going on.
BUT there's a long lists of buts in front of my blogging wants.
editing photo sessions,
house stuff,
church stuff,
sleep stuff,
just stuff, stuff, and stuff that gets in front of my blog wants!


for now i'll leave you with this precious picture of my baby.
THAT'S ONE! whaaaaa????
more to come soon!
 photo IMG_7534_zps9bca28d0.jpg

ps- my SIL has moved her fabric shop, westwood acres fabric, to her own, new, fancy site, go check it out!!!!
so proud of them.
if you don't already follow her IG account (@acraftyfox_amanda) then you should because she does LOADS of killer giveaways with that there eye candy fabric. (when i was at their house in october i about died and gone to heaven in the fabric room, beautiful fabric EVERYWHERE!!!!!)

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