Monday, December 2, 2013


this was meant to be posted on thanksgiving, i never got around to it.
i'm thankful for my little family.
a supportive, loving, faithful husband.
a sweet, adorable, smart, healthy baby boy.
i feel so incredibly blessed.
(a big thanks to my friend susan who snapped these first 3!)
 photo IMG_6325_zps088e2bc0.jpg
 photo IMG_6381copy_zps02b73871.jpg
 photo IMG_6350_zpsf0dc36c4.jpg
 photo IMG_6263copy_zps96d3aaf0.jpg
 photo IMG_6278copy_zpscd242c8a.jpg


Cherri said...

Very nice and LOTS to be thankful for!

Lara Graham said...

Your family! So wonderful! And looooove the photography. All of it is just great.