Tuesday, August 28, 2012

baseball and baby bumps.

so technically, it was softball.
but last weekend the stake had a coed softball tournament.
casey was super pumped for it.
(let's be honest, anything sports, casey is pumped for.
still can't believe i married someone who's so in love with sports).
so, the tournament.
they won 1, lost 1, and the other team forfeited 1 (but they still played a practice game during the hour).
it rained during 1 1/2 games.
rain is so annoying when watching a game.
luckily it did not rain during lunch.
the brilliant woman in charge of lunch organized only hot dogs to be served.
it was A MILLION times easier for the set up and options.
seriously, so wise.
i tried watching a few kids during the games while their parents played.
they pretty much all got hurt on the bleachers at some point but whatevs...
the people from the ward who did come play were awesome and made it tons of fun.
can't wait til next year when i can play!
i use the term play very loosely because i will in actuality be little to no help to the team plus we'll have a 9 month old not to watch...
(that sentence seems SO CRAZY!!!!!)
we shall see.

and to top it off, here i was that day.
26 weeks plus a few.
(i feel like i've been in the 20's FOREVER)
white maternity shirt- courtesy of goodwill. i love those scrunched side shirts, they're my favorite. i have 1 :(
red nebraska cornhusker sweat pants- courtesy of nebraska
blue BYU flip flops- courtesy of where my true love to football will forever live.
(i think the 2nd pic i'm looking at the children across the street, but it was the most in focus picture of the batch...)
can you spy a belly button that is beginning to pop out?
i need to remember to tuck my bum under during pictures because i feel like it makes me look way bigger than i am.
i just am trying to remember to tell myself i'm grateful i do look pregnant and not just like i always eat big lunches.
plus, i'm short, i have no where to hide this boy.

kicking has yet again exponentially increased this week.
if my computer is resting slightly on my stomach he can kick it major so it jerks.
kicks have been so forceful lately!
sometimes it really hurts!

we got a crib this week, YAY!
now just to set it up.
it's fun slowly getting little baby things over time.
gives me moments of great excitement!
now i just need my majillion dollar rocking chair, right, casey!?

and sidenote-
casey has officially finished his first week of dental school, yahoo!
he comes home for lunch everyday for an hour (which i love).
he got to play practice with a drill twice last week.
he's been overloaded with anatomy class.
everybody continues to tell him how terrible the first year is, how fun :)


Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Kimber your adorable!!

Anonymous said...

hahah, I was looking at the pictures and thought, "That looks like Adam and susan," then I was like, "THATS THEM!!"

glad you guys are having a blast and a half. xo

Brooke said...

You are darling! And before I looked at your commentary after your pictures, I was all "I spy someone's belly button!" haha. Seriously though, so cute :)

LaraMackenzie said...

You're beautiful. Just beautiful.