Friday, October 12, 2012

from the last week

1. cinnamon rolls during conference. such a wonderful weekend listening to prophets and apostles, in pj's all weekend, lounging, cuddling.
2. fall has arrived in nebraska, yay. and even the evergreens are celebrating by changing colors.
3. dug into casey's wardrobe for the first time, yay.
sent him this picture during the day and he replied with "savage"
4. got sent this picture during his school day, his first (for fun) fillings on (stinky, decaying) teeth.

the word lazy sums up my week pretty well after completing those dressers.
thought i deserved some kind of break.
i did walk casey to school twice this week, which was nice.
it's so strange not going to school.
i feel empathy for casey now that i'm enjoying my stress free life (aka no tests).
but when he did leave me for class i felt jealous.
it's so invigorating to learn new things and be challenged.
and it's so fun to have those friends at school that are going through the same things as you and you have a camaraderie with them even if you wouldn't normally hang around them.
school does that for you.
then again walking group with a bunch of other mothers is kinda the same way...

i did however organize some more of the bajillions of boxes in our basement, yayyyyyyy.

this weekend:
touring our 2nd hospital to choose from.
picking up more things for baby boy!
dinner with friends.
studying (for casey).
making baby sheets.

happy october weekend.

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Shane and Clara said...

your dressers look so good! Im sure that was a lot of WORK. You definately had a boost of pregnancy nesting to get all that accomplished. I'm sure you are feeling it now though. (soreness on your body) Way to go for you!

The LAST weeks of pregnancy.....they are super exciting and so full of anticipation! Enjoy it! Enjoy it all!
ANd Conference was SO Good! I agree!