Monday, October 1, 2012 the bread machine

so, i try to read a lot.
to prepare myself for the little baby that will be coming soon.
what type of blank is the best type to buy.
how many clothes does he need.
what's birth/the hospital going to be like.
how to nurse.
what to expect.
etc etc.

and of course with reading blogs and talking to siblings, i've heard about the inevitable blowouts.
not looking forward to those, but whatevs.

but sunday, i felt like i had a blowout in my bread machine.
let's just say 2 T of yeast in a bread machine IS WAY TOO FLIPPING MUCH.
the rolls still turned out tasting way yummy,
but clean up was a beast.
if you've ever used a bread machine, there's like a little bucket inside you can take in and out with a handle that holds your bread.
way easy to clean.
but there's extra space (at least in my machine) surrounding the bucket.
and the dough WENT ALL OVER into every nook and cranny.
and you can't just clean it up because it's all STICKY!
during my 25 minutes of cleaning it all, I was thinking "it would have been less work to just make the dough by hand!"
(it actually may not have that's just what i was thinking at the moment).

moral of the story.
bread machines rock.
too much yeast in bread machines does not rock.

i'm lame and didn't take a picture,
would have been great for memories but oh well :)

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