Thursday, October 25, 2012

playing dress up

today i'm working on halloween costumes!
we are so excited for them! come saturday, you will see them too!

remember how awesome last year was?
casey and i loved those costumes...i'd honestly totally be superheroes again because it was such a fun outfit.
this photo is the outer cover of our 2011 family album and we laugh at it every time :)

but if we did it again this year i'd be more like mr incredible at the beginning of the movie with his big ol' gut :) (and without the small ankles)

less than a week til halloween!

ps- don't forget my pumpkin carving tip! it will make pumpkin carving 1 gajillion times better, promise.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

You guys look like you were really having a lot of fun in your superhero costumes! I still don't know what my husband's and my costumes will be if it turns out that we need costumes for something.