Wednesday, October 10, 2012

looking back

sometimes i look back at our blog and fall in love with life we had last year, 2, and 3 years ago.
tonight i randomly looked through the labels christmas and wyoming.
all those pictures made me so happy.
(and i remembered we're going to add a stocking to our family this year!!!!!!)

do you ever go back and look at your blog?

last weekend when we were watching the BYU football game (we thank our lucky stars their games are all broadcast on espn now) the espn-byu commercial came on.
every time we see it come on, we get really sad because we miss it so much!
casey especially was saying how much he missed it.
he said something like "i didn't have enough fun there, all i did was go to school and work..."
i couldn't think of any of the fun crazy things off the top of my head that we did except i knew we made an effort to do fun stuff...but what was that?
so i hopped on the blog and looked up the labels provo bucket list and byu (i should have labeled so many more things byu...).
granted it wasn't all the fun stuff we did but it was a good chunk.
reading through the posts made us so happy with our time at byu (and more nostalgic) but it did remind us that we had fun!

i love blogging.
i love that i can (quickly) write down memories with pictures.
i love being able to look back at life.
i love seeing how we've changed and grown as a couple.
i love that i have all our married years documented on this blog.
i love that soon this blog will show our  journey from 2 to 3.
i love our blog.

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Cherri said...

Loving life.... what a blessing