Thursday, August 23, 2012

cereal to bikes

life of lately is wonderful.
it truly is.
i live in a place i (already) love.
around people who are awesome.
we are doing all the things that we hoped for at this stage in life.
casey's loves school.
baby is kicking tons and growing rapidly.
i always have things to do, and legitimately do.
projects, errands, friends, etc.
i really feel so blessed right now.

some random things as of lately:
1. we love cereal.
if i could live off of one food the rest of my life, it'd be cereal.
did you know pretty much ALL the different cereals list SUGAR as their 2nd ingredient!?
that means sugar is the 2nd most prevelant thing in cereal.
try going to the cereal food aisle one day and looking at them all.
even most the "healthy"/horse food ones has sugar as the 2nd ingredient (or 3rd).
we were laughing the whole aisle and couldn't believe our findings.
i now understand why my mom only gave us "special sugar cereal" on sundays when we were good at church.
no wonder i like cereal so much...

2. i bought our first pair of clothes for baby boy the other day (at full price, gasp).
i first went to the store, saw these, loved them, texted casey a picture of them to show him how cute they were, and left the store.
they didn't leave my mind for thext few days so i went ahead and just bought them.
i love them so much already.

3. so lincoln isn't that widely populated with LDS people.
but our list street is.
and it's full of young families.
and bonus, there's a few more young families in the surrounding area.
i've gone walking twice this week with their little walking group and it's a blast.
tons of children, moms, laughing, crying, stories, etc.
it's just so fun to be around all these ladies (and so many strollers!)
i am the only one without child at the moment so it's fun to just watch it all unfold before me.
such a great group of gals, and kids.

4. lastly, casey.
he rides his bike to school so it takes only, like, 3 minutes to get there instead of 8.
it's awesome.
i love watching him go (if i get up early enough) and come home.

i definitely have more fun things to blog about but it's easiest to do these small events instead of big...


Shane and Clara said...

so cute you are! Buying clothes for baby IS so much FUN!

AND....enjoy these days of cereal LOVE/indulgence. Maybe it will or maybe it won't when you start feeding your tot one day! ;)
AND totally! parents tooo only let us have sugar cereal on Sunday (only one bowl of the sugary stuff). Wow, we eat more cereal than that at our house. Eek!

So nice that you have a good group of young mommys near.

AN Petersen said...

So everytime that i eat fruit loops i think of your mother and sundays and how you could never eat them except on sundays. I think i have even told my husband that story multiple times. I also remember that you could earn half and fourth bowls if you were bad. And somehow i remember scott frequently not getting a full bowl. :)

Jessie said...

I loved cereal too! I ate it all the time. So glad you're liking it over there! :)

Ty and Lex said...

So cute! We have that outfit for McKay too! One of my very favorites. You looked darling today at your shower and I'm so glad I found your blog again so I can somewhat keep in touch with you! Love you, can't wait for your baby to be here!