Sunday, August 5, 2012

well, hello 23 weeks

don't i look much bigger on the right?
i personally think so...they were taken within seconds of each other.
it's all about the position and angle i guess...

about being pregnant:
1. lots of kicking lately, it's so fun. i just love it.
did i mention yet that sometimes i can see my stomach actually move when he kicks?
love that.
the kicking has moved on from flutters and to kicks that feel fun!
2. back pain...still terrible.
i guess it may be getting a little better.
but i'd say i'm pretty dang lucky if that's my only legit pregnancy complaint.
(please do go away after being pregnant!!!!)
3. some of my shorts aren't fitting anymore...that's disappointing.
but some still do which is cool.
4. can't WAIT to get back to all my clothes in nebraska!
i'll have so many more choices, yayyyyy!
5. the acne (my 2nd and last pregnancy complaint) might be getting a little better.
i'm trying a combo between coconut oil (thanks jessie!) and a face wash (thanks brooke!)...
go away red face! go find some teenager to torment!
6. no pregnancy cravings...
7. i love sleeping (but is that really a pregnancy thing? that's like an always kimber thing...)
8. bending over to get things is getting a little tougher.
ha, there's definitely not nearly as much room now as there once was before and it's only gonna get less roomy!
9. we're just so excited for baby boy.
we've gotten a few gifts from him from family and it's like christmas opening them up and imagining a baby, MY BABY, in these little clothes!
we feel so incredibly blessed with the thought of having a baby this year.
i turned to casey tonight and said, what's 40-23?
that means in 17 weeks, we should have a baby!
golly that seems so soon!

we've officially moved away from new jersey!
we're temporarily visiting (hot, sticky, humid) indiana and will be moving into our nebraska place this week!

ps-laura, we watched the business of being born like you said and it truly WAS great to watch!
thanks girl!


Brooke said...

You look DARLING and I miss you :) glad you guys are out of jersey!

Danielle said...

You look so fabulous!!! I love you, little pregnant Kimber :)

Jessie said...

You look great Kimber! So excited for you.
So sad you're not close to us anymore but happy for you that will enjoy it more over there. Good luck getting moved in!
Miss you!!

LaraMackenzie said...

You're darling. And your hair is so long again!

Brittany said...

Cute baby bumb! It was great to visit with you guys for a bit while you were here. :)