Saturday, August 18, 2012

a nice, new, pretty, white coat

on friday, during casey's orientation, the parents and spouses had their own orientation.
a few hours of what to expect, why you're spouse/child is awesome for getting in, Q&A with D2's (year 2 dental school students), history of the school, etc.
then there was the official forth bringing of the white coats.
i was a super awesome, prepared wife standing in the back center with my camera ready to take some darn awesome photos.
i clicked furiously away as the presenters placed casey's coat on him on the stage.
i thought to myself "i love my camera, it takes pictures right when i want and it's just so great"
as he began walking off the stage, i looked down at my camera to see the last picture i took to see a my display showing "no camera card"
oh well, life can't be perfect :)

the weather was beyond wonderful that day.
after we walked home from dinner we all just hung out on the porch, wonderful neighbors included.
a spontaneous dinner in the front yard ensued.
no cute table cloths and organization, just natural fun.
texas caviar, baked potatoes, and lemonade.
and cute little julie, our neighbor, was the entertainment.
she's precious.


The Wellness Guru's said...
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Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

YAY, so glad Mom, Dad, and Kar got to come for your special day. Love your dress too!

Shane and Clara said...

ah,the beginning of a new adventure!....GOOD LUCK!

And you look so cute all prego! Im glad its been a good pregnancy experience for you. Enjoy those KICKS! :) That was always a relief to feel the baby move even if the kicks were rough at times....that meant the baby was okay.