Monday, August 13, 2012

the eagle has landed

i introduce to you,
our new home.
(the windows and door not blurred are ours:)
moving in has been a beast.
needing to BUY all your furniture makes it hard to actually put boxes away.
we've been so amazingly blessed with wonderful help/friends in the ward.
our neighbors are the freaking bomb, i love them so much.
my back flipping hurts.
the streets are pretty much all on a grid systemish. love it.
the weather has been great.
we are so busy everyday, feels so good.
i'm closing in on 25 weeks preggers.
our kitchen and bathroom is the tiniest thing ever.
i have so much more to share.
not enough time to do so.

ps- an epic fail to kimber for posting only 3 times and august is nearly half over.
that's the least i've blogged ever!

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