Friday, August 17, 2012

24 weeks and i promise to start doing more posts about other things in my life soon...

here is our picture at 24 weeks (although today i'm 25, i'm just glad i've been taking these puppies on time!)
at 24 1/2 weeks baby boy decided it was time for a kicking fest.
it has been so fun feeling SO much movement.
and my belly is constantly moving from the outside and it's not once and a while little kicks,
it's like kicks over and over in the same area.
you can really see a little wave of movement these days!
it's all so exciting!

i've also learned it's really hard not to judge/compare yourself against others while pregnant.
i feel good/okay about myself because, well, i am pregnant!
but it's so EASY to look at someone else who's due before you and think "i'm totally bigger than you!" or looking how little someone looks who's weeks behind you and wonder if you looked that smal x weeks ago.
it's SO hard not to compare.
i need to work on putting those thoughts our of my head and just be happy i'm pregnant and healthy.
there's a baby in there for pete's sake!

i went shopping with my friend katie the other day and we were looking in the baby section and i was just so overwhelmed!!!!!
what do i buy!?
what size clothes in what season?
is he going to be on the bigger side or smaller side?
boy oh boy we have only just begun (i've bought like zero things for this boy).
but in the end, all will be well,
he won't care what he's wearing.
all that matters is he's warm and loved.
(but making the outfit way cute is a bonus of babies, right?)

casey had his white coat ceremony today for dental school!
so official.
his parents are in town and it's just so fun.
can't wait to share pictures!!!


AN Petersen said...

I love your baby post. They just make me so happy and excited for you. :) My advice on baby stuff, don't buy anything until you have a baby shower. Well, you can buy little things but most ppl get tons of stuff at their baby shower and gift cards. So then you can buy whatever you don't have afterwards. But your right, all they need is love but cute clothes are a bonus. :)

AN Petersen said...

PS. I saw your mom today. She dropped by my moms house. She gave us a little update on Ruthie. and i just have to say that if you look like your mother when you are her age, you are one lucky ducky. : )
PSS. I also saw scott and tristan at wal mart the other day, since they now live like a mile away from me. Im being stalked by woodruffs. :)

Quin and Lyndsey said...

AHH you're so cute! looking a good prego way.... I love the complaints, it's good to know all of these morning sickness? YAYE FOR MOVING TO NB..... you guys are all over the place!

Tori said...

I've taken a long hiatus from bloggins, so I didn't even know you were preggers! That's awesome! Congratulations! You are such a cutie. :)