Wednesday, August 1, 2012


have you ever heard of evernote?
it rocks.
i first read this post and was sold on the idea.
here's the gist:
it's like an e-notebook.
and within the notebook can be different categorized notebooks.
my main reason wanting to use it was for RECIPES!
i feel like i just have recipes everywhere.
pinterest, google docs, regular docs, recipe box, recipe books, blogs.
they're just everywhere and never 1 great central place to find stuff, or search for that stuff.
so with evernote, i have a "recipe notebook" that i can search by words, ingredients, titles, labels,
it's so great.
if i try a recipe on pinterest and like it, i add it.
same with friend's recipes, books, and ones i've always used.
i'm slowly building my recipes because i do have lots in my old school box i have to put in by hand,
but it's been great.
also, if you're a mac user, you can sync your computer, iphone, and ipad together.
it's wonderful.
try it peeps if you have time.
you'll love it.

(i also do have other awesome notebooks, maternity, church, crafts etc, i love it)

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