Saturday, May 14, 2011

as of recently:

 jaden and i hanging out in the yard together.
casey mowing the 5 foot tall weeds grass.
cheesecake factory with some fun couples in the area.

casey continues to study
while i continue to look for a job,
what fun.

onto better news:

happy 31st anniversary mom and dad! woot woot!
look at you two, so cute from the 1st year til the 31st year,
can't wait to celebrate mine and husband's 31 years together!


Cody and Camille said...

Our lawn looks so good! Thanks so much for working on it all. day. long.

AN Petersen said...

Kinda crazy how your parents look almost exactly the same, except different hair cuts. they know how to stay lookin young.

Janell Haws said...

so cute i love the weeds :) ps when are you going to come visit meee???

Cherri said...

Amber... you are too sweet!