Thursday, May 26, 2011

little love letters #3

dear mr. cutler,  t-minus 18 days til you take the DAT! show those angles and whole punches who's boss, mk? 
dear new purple nail polish, i love you.
dear biggest loser, we love you! it was so fun watching olivia win, everyone on the show looked incredible!
dear homemade ice cream machine, you rock. your cookies and cream ice cream rocked my socks off.

dear piano, i'm learning to play you (thanks to the wonderful teacher ms. camille)! i know, you were as excited as i was, especially bc i'm your only student who probably plays with nails that click and clack all over you (i'll work on that...) all that matters is we keep going!

dear doubles stuffed oreos, you disappear all too quickly for my liking.
dear jaden, you're quite fun to watch eating. thanks for being so much fun for casey and i to play with.

dear sewing machine, we're becoming friends too! all i ask is that you sew straight lines and not poke me. sound like a deal?

dear indiana, your weather is crazy! tornado warnings and crazy hail all in the same day? goodness gracious! once we saw it getting way windy outside, we hi-tailed our bums into the laundry room and began freaking out! so sad to see all the devastation that has gone on here in the midwest lately.

adios amigos!


Cherri said...

:) :) :)

Cherri said...

So glad you are learning the piano! Thanks Camille!